Six More Weeks of Winter

If weather prediction were left to up to the Squirrel Queen instead of that annoying prognosticator Punxsutawney Phil, there would be no way that six more weeks of winter would be an option.

Who listens to a groundhog anyway? Fraidy cat scared of its own shadow.

Not the Squirrel Queen. I’m mandating an early arrival for spring.

I’m booking it a flight on Priceline right now.

William Shatner would be so proud.


3 responses to “Six More Weeks of Winter

  1. I really am not grooving on Phil right now.

  2. I’m in total agreement! Let’s get shatner to do another spoken word cd too… some of my suggestions might be : ‘When I got high’ by afroman, ‘ and Barenaked Ladies , “one week’,, just to hear him say “Chickity China the Chinese chicken”… that would at least get me through spring….

  3. Oh Julie, those are great Shatner sugggestions. I am all in for that CD.

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