Empty Shelves = Snowpocalypse 2010

So the entire state is buzzing with dire predictions of snow – they’re talking INCHES not flurries.

Of course, this brings about a mad rush by consumers who apparently believe purchasing loaves and gallons are talismans that will keep the weather worries at bay or at least see them through the crisis so they don’t have to eat their youngest child like something off a Donner Party hors d’oeuvres tray.

I don’t mind the snow.

It’s the ice that worries me. My neck of the woods was fortunately just south of the ice crisis that made life so miserable for so many for so long last year in Western Kentucky.

Even my family living one county over from my current home was impacted without power for five days and they were on the extremely southern edge of the worst weather.

Here’s hoping if the snow falls over the next few days, it just offers excellent sledding and no power outages and may your shopping cart be filled with your favorite grocery items.

4 responses to “Empty Shelves = Snowpocalypse 2010

  1. ever notice how the bread is always the first to clear from the shelves, but there’s always plenty of flour and yeast? what better to do when snowed in than bake your own bread… good luck!

  2. Daisyfae, the smell of warm bread. Now you’re talking.

  3. Living in Wisconsin, I’m pretty used to snowfall of several inches. And you’re right, the ice is FAR worse than the flakes.

    The thing about winter weather that bothers me is that no matter how cautiously you drive, there is always some idiot on the road driving too fast for conditions.

  4. DeScepter, you’re right. The weather usually isn’t the problem; it’s the nut jobs who act like some NASCAR speed freak that create issues.

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