Squirrel Appreciation Day

In case you didn’t know, today – January 21 – is Squirrel Appreciation Day.

All hail the Squirrel Queen.

In honor of the day, drop a few extra snacks in the park and slow down when you see one of my legion strolling in the street.

Or check out these squirrels of the World Wide Web.

Personally, I will seize the day.

Thanks to my pal Badger for the original drawing.

6 responses to “Squirrel Appreciation Day

  1. Your my favorite squirrely, your stories make me laugh.

  2. Badger, that drawing is still in my office. Love it.
    Holly, Oh yes you are. More than worthy.
    D., Glad I could ellicit a chuckle from you every once in a while.

  3. Every day is squirrel appreciation day!

  4. The Necromancer, I keep trying to suggest that to folks, but they aren’t complying.

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