Abandoned Clown Cars = Scarier Than Halloween

I ran across a couple of pics of abandoned clown cars and I’ve now given myself a case of the creepy willies (not to be confused with Groundskeeper Willy and don’t ask what I was originally looking for; I will never confess).

First there’s this little orange number.

From Panoramio.

And then, there’s this to give you an extra nightmare after you wake up in a cold sweat from the first clowns-are-chasing-me scream dream.

Found it in the comment thread on this City Noise post about the Ghost Ships of Coney Island Creek.

I can imagine this clown train previously devouring toddlers in one of these abandoned amusement parks.

While I’m at it, I’ll throw in the freaky new ad for Garmin that has officially turned me into a fan of the  TomTom GPS navigational systems.

It all looks like fodder for a new Stephen King novel if you ask me. It II anyone?

One response to “Abandoned Clown Cars = Scarier Than Halloween

  1. uh yeah, that commercial kind of freaks me out. the clown is really frightening.

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