Cute Puppy Alert


This French Bulldog puppy is stuck on its back.

Although I’m not sure if it’s all canine or not.

I think, with all its difficulties in rolling over, there might be some turtle in its bloodline.

6 responses to “Cute Puppy Alert

  1. OMG! Too freaking cute!!! The other dog in the background looks thoroughly bored by the puppy antics!

  2. its like the day after thanksgiving.

  3. Bless his heart….I wanted to reach in there and help him…kinda looks like a little yoda.

  4. KK, I warned you of the cutenss. I too enjoyed the lazy dog in the background ignoring the puppy’s plight.

    Amber, I didn’t see you sneaking into my house on Thanksgiving, but you nailed my reaction to all the food.

    D., He DOES look like Yoda now that you mention it. The urge to tip him on over was huge on y part too.

  5. This is painfully cute, and totally hilarious. Love it!

  6. The Necromancer, you can’t resist the power of puppitude (except for that horrific Scrappy Doo, of course).

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