Dachshund Takes Laps in Pool

Archie the dachshund apparently loves his pool.

Lap after lap, round and round he goes.

The rhythmic splashing sounds he produces while making his steady laps around this kiddie wading pool are soothing to me for some reason.

It’s a week for mixing water and animals apparently. To see another animal enjoying splashing around, check out my this post from earlier in the week of an elk calf playing in a mud puddle.


6 responses to “Dachshund Takes Laps in Pool

  1. dogs. fuzzy four-legged joy! i love archie!

  2. Daisyfae, I’m with you. I’ve been around cats twice on recent weekend visits, and they just don’t share the same love, if you ask me. Now as for Archie, that round-and-round effort is a fine example of living to its fullest.

  3. ahahha! I have a mini dachshund and they are by far the most loving dog I’ve ever owned! This post made me smile, thanks!

  4. Samuel, it made me smile too.

  5. LOL! I want a dachshund someday…I think this one has some OCD issues tho. DJ just jumps in and out getting her toys…she does go under and makes bubble noises until she comes up with the toy.

  6. D. Merritt, I think you are right about the OCD thing. T here’s another video of this same dog on youtube and it is trying to tug the pool onto another part of the patio. It grabs the edge of the pool in its mouth and tugs and tugs until it actually slides the pool onto the grass.

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