Daily Archives: November 18, 2009

Everybody Loves a Mud Puddle Including Elk

Mud puddles are irresistible for kids, even kids with four legs.

Check out this video of an elk calf frolicking in a mud puddle.

Lots of splashes and kicks, but sadly no Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks.

Who’s Hungry For Meat Cards?

With all the “woe is me” economic news, who isn’t hungry for more business?

And for that matter, who isn’t just hungry?

Here’s the perfect solution – Meat Cards.

That’s right Meat Cards offers your professional contact information seared by a laser into a piece of beef jerky.

Now that’s the kind of business interaction that makes an impact and can leave any potential client satisfied. OK,  at least their tummy will be satisfied.

For more creative uses of meat, check out this Meat Art post.