Slavic Soul Party

I caught a piece about this band on NPR and I’m loving it.

If you too enjoy brass, then this melange of music from around the globe is for you.

Slavic Soul Party call themselves “New York’s #1 Brass Band for BalkanSoulGypsyFunk.”

Fun stuff.

For some reason, from this music I’m getting an urge to be a gypsy and hit the road to a spot where I can hear this sort of music wafting out of bars as I meander up and down the streets.


3 responses to “Slavic Soul Party

  1. whoa. that implies there’s at least one more Brass Band for BalkanSoulGypsyFunk in NYC. big city, huh?

  2. Daisy, if you go to youtube and search for Slavic Soul Party, there are other bands in the sidebar list of related videos.
    The mp3s on the NPR site and the SSP site are pretty groovy.
    And yes, that is one big city.

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