Rotten Meat Ruins Town

What smells worse than skunk roadkill?

How about 44 tons of rotting meat.

A town in South Dakota had a funk of a smell hovering over it when a meat plant owner abandoned his plant and left 44 tons of bison meat inside it. You read that correctly – TONS.

When the power was turned off due to non payment for electricity, the bison became a beast of an odor as it rotted.

The city eventually took it upon itself to remove the foul meat. Even the fire department was called in to help with the clean up.

Yahoo has the rest of the story of the putrid meat and its stinky fog.

4 responses to “Rotten Meat Ruins Town

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  2. Mmm…that sounds so delicious. Makes me want to run out to South Dakatos and eat some rotten meat.

  3. Poor skunks – oh to be standard measure of stinkiness.

  4. Catherinette, I hear your e-coli calling.
    Amber, at least they can be considered the gold standard of something.

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