10 Most Embarrassing Moments In White People Dancing History

I have told you people before that I have no musical ability nor rhythm.

I’m flogging a dead horse here at the SQ nest lately with all this musical talk it seems, but when I do flog it’s in a staccato and non-rhythmic way of course.

Despite that information, I do enjoy dancing whether anybody else enjoys my efforts or not. I think Elaine from Seinfeld captured my mojo magic perfectly.

Granted, I’m not the lone purveyor of party dance fouls, but fortunately no video exists of my smooth moves (fingers crossed.)

However, thanks to the glory of the innerwebs, other people’s dance disasters have been shared with the rest of the world.

Manofest has clips of the 10 Most Embarrassing Moments in White People Dancing History (not including Elaine).

The list includes celebrities, politicians, athletes and just folks trying to step in style with poor results.

If you’re in need of a laugh today, it’s funny stuff.


6 responses to “10 Most Embarrassing Moments In White People Dancing History

  1. thank you thank you thank you! much needed laughter tonight!

  2. FUNNY!!! I liked that site…I guess if you have had enough to drink…everyone thinks they can dance. I don’t get that drunk anymore, but been there…done that though.

  3. Daisy Fae, I nearly linked to you recent post about having to learn dances for your play to make a point about those reluctant to give in to their inner dervish.
    DJ, alcohol does often distort one’s perception of his or her dancing abilities. I prefer to think of it as liquid courage.

  4. Seriously, anytime I meet a guy that says he likes to dance?… I run.

  5. Amber, it is too true that a love of dance and an ability to dance are often not equal in proportions.

  6. …and that’s why I took ballroom dancing lessons. Still one of the funniest Seinfelds ever.

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