Wobbly the Dancing Squirrel

It’s Wobbly the Dancing Squirrel.

Actually, though, I believe it’s Wobbly the Squirrel with Parkinson’s Disease. Can squirrels get Parkinson’s?

This just doesn’t look normal to me.

Maybe he’s been eating fermented fruit like the drunk squirrel I posted another time.

2 responses to “Wobbly the Dancing Squirrel

  1. This is kinda sad…I think this poor rodent is genuinely unwell. The drunk squirrel, on the other hand, is hilarious…He makes me dizzy.

  2. Necromancer, I agree. I just haven’t seen any other squirrels move like the Wobbly one.
    However, the pumpkin-juiced one is rather silly, but I bet it wonders what exactly happened to it the next morning.

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