Feel Good Friday – Accordian For Trudy

It’s Friday and I’ve got a Feel Good tune for my friend Trudy.

She’s one of the most musically gifted people I know, with the ability to play about any instrument you put in front of her.

I knew she played the accordian, but was reminded of that fact again yesterday at lunch. Trudy gave me my best laugh of the day when she told us a story about having to play the squeeze box at a local Catholic church’s Cajun festival event all while 7 months pregnant. The accordian was placed on a stool in front of her during the musical exhibition. My imagination went wild and the laughter pealed out.

So, for Trudy today, I present you some rock and roll accordian – a rendition of Bill Hailey and the Comets’ “Rock Around The Clock.”


5 responses to “Feel Good Friday – Accordian For Trudy

  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Everybody polka! (Plus, the man is adorable! It’s like Teller went solo.)

    Somewhere Bill Hailey just said, “WHAT THE …?”

    Please tell your talented friend Trudy that her theme song should be the Who’s “Squeezebox.” I’m sure she’s heard that, though.

  2. Grandefille – we all started singing “Squeeze Box” at the table yesterday at lunch. And, you’re right about this guy being Teller’s musically-inclined brother. I love how 30 seconds of the video is him rattling around behind the camera at the end trying to turn it off.

  3. This guy is really good.

  4. Thanks SQ – watching you laugh made me laugh and made me laugh again just now. Now can you say red – mine is little more subtle

  5. Badger, maybe he’ll play “Sweet Home Alabama” like your mariachi band for a follow-up.
    Skyhawkbbgirl, glad you laughed. You need more of that in your life and maybe an upgrade to a shiny red one.

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