Paul Stanley Scandal

Two men named Paul Stanley.

One has recently been involved in a sex scandal.

Which do you think it was – the Rocker or the Republican?

6 responses to “Paul Stanley Scandal

  1. *cannot stop laughing at this post*

  2. Grandefille, when I first heard there was a Paul Stanley scandal, I just thought, “Oh those rowdy rockers.” DOH! Once again taking the moral highroad just allows more folks to see your ugly underbelly.

  3. I think they both shouted, “Let’s put the X in sex!”.

  4. My brother-in-law, who is a big KISS fan (scary big), immediately started yelling “THEY CALL ME DR. LOVE!” every time the Stanley scandal comes on the news.

    My niece is a little alarmed.

  5. Grandefille – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I think your niece should be charmed, not alarmed.

  6. WishingPaulWouldJumpOffABridge

    I’m about to wet my pants here . . . .

    grandefille, that’s hilarious.

    squirrelqueen, great post.

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