Zombie Ants

Nature has some messed up ways of keeping the Circle of Life revolving.

National Geographic has a story about female phorid flies that plant their eggs into the torsos of fire ants.

The eggs hatch, the larva feeds until it reaches the ant’s head resulting in zombie ants.

The head pops off, the new fly escapes and here we go again.

Ant brains, nom, nom, nom.

And the less-than-gentle world outside our homes keeps on keeping on.

Too bad the ants didn’t have road signs warning them of zombie activity.

5 responses to “Zombie Ants

  1. although the zombie ants are disturbing, it’s zombie squirrel that has me on edge…

  2. Newscoma, I knew you would be first over here.
    Daisyfae, keep an eye out for that beast. He’s a bit cranky.

  3. Zombie Ants! Now I know why we never had an ant problem until the time we left brains out on the counter overnight.

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