Bizarre Vinyl

Thanks to @missbethd on Twitter, I ran across some captivating, disturbing and laughable album covers at Bizarre Vinyl.

Remember back in the day before mp3s – and even CDs and cassettes – when you bought albums and the artwork on the sleeve was usually poster worthy. These albums don’t really fit that bill, unless you’re talking about some nightmare-inducing photos.

Here is just a small sample of the odd musical history available over there.

Praise be to independent labels.

and the Singing MidgetJesus Use MeThe Ministers Quartet

9 responses to “Bizarre Vinyl

  1. Those Faith Tone chicks are hooooot!

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  3. what? no “Country Church”????

  4. i want a singing midget. no, strike that. i NEED a singing midget…

  5. Beth, There were so many to pick from. That was an amazing link you posted. It’s too difficult to select just a small sampling without leaving out a classic like “Country Church.”
    DaisyFae – Who wouldn’t want to hang out with such a dapper, talented fellow. It does almost now feel like a requirement to have one around. I new my life was missing something.

  6. Freaky Weasel, those ladies are rather intoxicating or maybe that’s just the fumes from the hair spray.

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  8. Those are AWESOME!

  9. Amber, there are some really freaky ones over at the Bizarre Vinyl site that make these look tame.

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