Conway Twitty Tribute Pistol

Conway Twitty Tribute Pistol

Conway Twitty Tribute Pistol

Bang, bang!

If I were to start collecting firearms, wouldn’t it be something to whip out this beauty – the Conway Twitty Tribute Pistol – for a movie-style shoot-em-up.

America Remembers (which is offering this limited edition Colt .45) ran half page ads in several newspapers across Tennessee last week. That’s how I knew the man with the voice behind “Hello Darlin‘” was being honored in “sparkling 24-karat gold artwork with blackened patinaed highlights”.

With five different portraits etched into the gun, every stage of Conway is there to gaze upon. The side above shows Twitty “at the peak of his career” and with a guitar slipped over his shoulder while wearing his U.S. Army uniform.

The other side (above) shows off a trio of portraits. I can honestly say my favorite is the one on the left which, according to the ad, “shows the singer in a relaxed pose strolling the grounds of his beloved Twitty City.” If you look very closely, you can tell Conway apparently liked to walk around his personal amusement park in a hoody sweatshirt. It really made his Nashfro hairdo look even bigger.

In addition, the pistol features Twitty’s not-quite-as-distinctive-as-Elvis’-TCB logo CT there by the hammer.

Why they didn’t use a “Saturday Night Special” type of weapon (which Conway immortalized in a song about a pawn shop robbery) instead of the Colt .45 model, I’ll never understand.

If you’re interested, get ready to shell out  $1,995.

You read that right, nearly two thousand smackeroos. There is a display case you can also purchase for $149.

Hurry, they’ve only made 300 of these collectible sidearms.

Now I’ve got to get my carry permit, because these are just too swanky to keep locked up at home. I think one would be perfect to carry into a bar or state park in Tennessee.


6 responses to “Conway Twitty Tribute Pistol

  1. Ya know, such an instrument would inherently blur the line between brandishing and showing off. Please don’t show me that thing again. I know you weren’t trying to threaten me with it, but still, I found it scary, and I’m afraid of what someone who would pay $1,995 for such a thing might be capable of.

  2. Jamey, it’s certainly too eye-catching to keep stuck in a holster. Bang! Bang!

  3. Will this gold-plated Tribute farb actually take ammo and shoot a magazine full??
    Or is it just for all show and no go?

  4. Yeah, sure, show it off, parade around with it on yer hip, isn’t that what these gems are for?
    I haven’t found anyone who has actually SHOT one of these Tribute pistols. Maybe Elvis. He IS still around somewhere there in Tennesse isn’t he?

  5. Heck yeah, I’d concealed-carry one of these into the bar inside my tight-fittin’ jeans and watch the ladies melt!

    Too bad the George Jones revolver is so chintzy-looking, or I’d be sorely tempted to blow the next 6 months’ rent….

  6. Heck no, don’t ever shoot one of these, it’d cut the value by well over a grand! These puppies sell for $750-950 market value in pristine condition with the $150 case! Of course you can always find the occasional rube who purchased one for much more. Thosae what got more cents than sense.

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