Baby Chatter

I think this kid has a future as an auctioneer.


8 responses to “Baby Chatter

  1. or a presenter on fox news…

  2. I would recommend unlimited cell phone minutes because it could get pricey.

  3. DF – Oh let’s hope her parents bring her up better than that.
    Amber – I thought kids only used their cell phones to text anymore. Talking is so 1999.

  4. No kidding – and it takes me half hour to text what I could have said in 2 minutes. I think the next evolution will include extra thumbs for lightening fast texting.

  5. Not so long ago, this would have called for an exorcism.

  6. Amber – The octo-thumb. I can see it now. Very squidlike.
    Holly – I’m still not sure an exorcism isn’t called for, no matter how much pink she is swathed in.

  7. I’m supporting the exorcism if she doesn’t also sleep 20 hours a day

  8. NM – I prefer all infants to sleep 20+ hours per day, preferably the full 24 in a day.

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