Doodle While You Listen

A new study shows that if you doodle while you listen, you are more likely to retain the boring information the yappers are yakking at you. Yada, yada, yada, yada.

Apparently the doodling activity keeps you focused just enough to deter you from actually wandering off into a daydream in lala land. Thus you hear and retain a bit more of the info.

If this is all true, Badger must never let anything slip by her during a conversation.

But I ask, will doodling while watching a video about counting passes make you pay more attention?


7 responses to “Doodle While You Listen

  1. doodling…really?

    so i should feel bad about telling Puddles to pay attention when she’s doodling while I’m talking then? hmmm…

    nah. 😀

  2. CJ – Yep, but as her mom you can tell her anything you want.

  3. It probably would help me retain more, but that would require that I actually watch the video-and that means turning off Law & Order: Criminal Intent which I simply cannot do.

  4. Catherinette -Nothing trumps L&O.

  5. Sometimes I do miss stuff if I get too absorbed in what I’m doing.

  6. Cravens, – You’re not just doodling, you’re creating art.

  7. Interesting. Guess it puts you in the liminal space between consciousness and the unconscious. Snazzy!

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