Hugh Jackman’s Opening Montage for 2009 Oscars

Wolverine did a bang-up job of singing and dancing his way through the Oscars’ opening number Sunday night.

Overall, I felt there was something lacking from this year’s Oscar telecast. I did feel there was some improvisational humor missing that you get when a comedian hosts the show.

Did anyone expect Slumdog Millionaire¬† to win that many Oscars? I didn’t expect them to take home 8.

What did you think about the show?


4 responses to “Hugh Jackman’s Opening Montage for 2009 Oscars

  1. I thought it was a successful ceremony. There was a lot on the line from last year’s dreadful ratings and the producers went to work by changing the show drastically. Jackman’s opening musical numbers were hilarious and very entertaining. And the presentations for every acting category instead of the typical video clip was nice. Overall, the show was great and yes… Slumdog Millionaire was expected to win that many awards… actually many analysts had them sweeping the Oscars with 9 awards, so they wound up one short of a clean sweep.

  2. herculesrob – I too enjoyed the opening number and the new way they presented the acting category awards with past winners on stage.
    I didn’t realize Slumdog had been tabbed to win so many by the analysts.

  3. Also liked the format of having past winners present to the nominees. I think I’d cry too if I had a legend ann0uncing my accomplishments leading up to my nomination. Would be hard not to tear up.
    Now, I’d just like to go out and see a few of these — Doubt, Milk and Slumdog Millionaire — that is, of course, assuming I get lucky enough to find them playing somewhere nearby.
    A bit disappointed that Doubt didn’t take any of the major awards. Been wanting to see it for a while.

  4. hugh jackman wants to have my baby. he just doesn’t know it yet…

    didn’t see it. haven’t seen any movies this year… but will get out to see slumdog for certain!

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