Harvey Milk – Sean Penn – Oscar Winner

Sean Penn won the Oscar for best actor for his effort  in the movie Milk, representing the life story of Harvey Milk.

Sean Penn is an outspoken hero for those who are not often heard in the search for civil rights equality for all.



One response to “Harvey Milk – Sean Penn – Oscar Winner

  1. Please do not read anything hostile into these comments, only revelatory! Behind-the-scenes developments led to this film’s production, which would take considerably more space to explain than what is likely to be welcomed here. All-to-briefly, Miramax Films’ Harvey Weinstein was awarded the honourar title of CBE (Commander of the British Empire) a couple years ago, and I was one of those who wrote in objection to the PM. Weinstein’s 1995 film, “My Life So Far” contained scenes indicating sexual depravity amongst Scottish people, then concluded the film wigth an on-acreen “accolade” – “Dedicated in loving memory to Ian Charleson” – the actor who portrayed a Scotsman in “Chariots Of Fire”, AND DIED OF AIDS in 1990. Baron Lord Michael Levy was arrested for selling such national honours, and added to some extant unpopularities, PM Blair resigned. Speaking now of the collusive relationship between Governments and the film industry, Dustin Hoffman’s fairly recent film, “Last Chance, Harvey” (I have inserted the comma, for good reason) should be seen as a direct threat at Weinstein in the theme of “Wag The Dog” where a major film producer embarrassed his handlers and was murdered. Actress Cate Blanchett about a year ago at Australia’s 2020 conference spke quite openly about this Government-film industry collusive arrangement, and it’s time al of you understood more here, as well. “Milk” was made in this context – a prominent Jewish homosexual named Harvey, who was murdered. Are you all getting this? I hope so. Thanks for reading. Don’t interpret the film as indicating that you have new-found friends in the arts. This is all consistent with their decades-long symbolism-laden plundering of the national culture.

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