My Dietary Intake Sucks

OK, So I’ve been running around for a long week now as the local high school basketball tourneys are under way.

I’ll still be running at this time next week, but the number of teams I’m following has dwindled down to three.

While I’ve been visiting the gyms, my nutritional intake has taken a turn for the worse.

Lots of fast food and hospitality room finger foods. Too tempting for my weak constitution.

I didn’t actually eat the sandwich above, but it is representative of several food groups I’ve been grazing on lately.

That Dagwood Bumstead of a meal up there is called the Heart Attack Sandwich and consists of chicken fried steak,  chicken-fried bacon, a country sausage, a fried egg, a fried green tomato topped with cheddar cheese and sandwiched between buns toasted in bacon fat, all served with a gravy dipping sauce.

It’s from the This Is Why You’re Fat web site which is loaded with craptastic fried foods just waiting to kill you.


2 responses to “My Dietary Intake Sucks

  1. Holy crap. I can feel my arteries hardening just looking at it. That’s up there with the sandwich Tony Bourdain had in Chicago. I wonder if they have links to that stuff….

  2. Jag, They don’t call it the Heart Attack Sandwich for nothing. I think they did have links to the original source on the This Is Why You’re Fat site.

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