Squirrel Rescue

Don’t mess with my legion.

I’ve shown you before that they’ve got some made squirrel-fu skills.

Now, they’ve combined that with a fierce maternal nature.

Check out this momma squirrel vs. dastardly dog encounter with a baby squirrel at stake.

Slightly Warped has the whole sequence of photos from danger to squirrel rescue.

Hat tip to Some Geek In Tennessee

7 responses to “Squirrel Rescue

  1. Thought you might like that 🙂

  2. Casey, As an Animal Planet sort of fan of nature, that was pretty cool to see. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. omg
    that dog
    it looks exactly like my dog
    shes a special breed from singapore
    so cool!
    even the eyes are right~

  4. Kat, If that dog is just like yours, it’s a beaut, but you may want to keep her away from squirrels.

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  6. Would love to adopt a baby squirrel or chipmunk of u need help– I’ve raised both.
    Please let me know

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