Bruce Springsteen’s Super Crotch

Sure, it was a memorable Super Bowl, that No. 43.

Santonio Holmes’ toes and Big Ben’s arm turned Arizona ecstacy into Cardinal crying in the final seconds.

I think it was all karmic payback to Kurt Warner. Remember 10 years ago, his Rams made a defensive stop on the gut-wrenching last play of the game to keep the Titans from winning it all. Take that Kurt!

But for me, likely the most memorable moment has to be getting up close and personal with the Boss’ crotch. Bruce Sprintsteen’s rock star knee slide gone out of control is probably giving one camera man nightmares for the next 10 years.

Also, was he wearing a cup? Because he never flinched. Bruce’s balls of steel.

Oh yeah, I forgot. The show must go on.



5 responses to “Bruce Springsteen’s Super Crotch

  1. I was hoping somone would talk about this. Things that make you go, “Ouch!”
    Great game other than the ultimate outcome. Loved the Coke “Heist” and the careerbuilder commercials.

  2. Scout – Those were my two favorite commercials too.

  3. There’s probably a “You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)” joke in there somewhere. Or maybe “Ramrod.”

  4. laughed myself silly when he did the ‘nad cam thing…

  5. CB – I knew someone would come up with the proper song titles to relate to this moment.
    DF – We actually backed up the DVR at that moment to get an extra couple of looks for some folks in the room who didn’t catch the moment of impact. I too was howling with laughter.

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