Super Bowl Commercials 2009

Edited to add: Here are all the Super Bowl 2009 commercials.

We all know frequently the best part of the Super Bowl is the commercials (except for last year’s game = great catch > Patriots undefeated one-loss season).

For those of you who can’t wait until kickoff, here’s a sampling of some of the ads that will be aired during the big game.

The Career Builder 2009 Super Bowl ad is one of my favorites that has been released early.

Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis doing ballet is also a bit out there in the Sobe Super Bowl 2009 ad.

Pedigree’s Super Bowl 2009 ad pushing their pet adoption program is also entertaining. Of course, in the spirit of clarity, I am a dog person.

Audi’s 2009 Super Bowl commercial has action star Jason Statham (one of Newscoma‘s favorites).

Of course I still love the commercial from the 2008 Super Bowl with the screaming squirrel.

4 responses to “Super Bowl Commercials 2009

  1. My fav was the Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head! Bridgestone I think it was. And I LURVE Jason Statham!

  2. Finn – That was a good one. It was Bridgestone. I laughed at the stink eye Potato Head attachment.

  3. I love that first one! That was great! Thanks for posting because I never watch the superbowl and I always miss the commercials people talk about. You are providing a valuble public service. 🙂

  4. Amber, the link I added has ALL of them. These are just a few I found on Sunday morning before the game that I found worth. If you haven’t seen it, go track down the Coke add with the insects heisting a bottle of soda. It’s really cute and well done.

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