Feel Good Friday – Fever

I’ve been puny this week with some sort of crud so for Feel Good Friday I present a bit of Peggy Lee.

I think her high temps arose from a different source than the one I’ve had, but be it Fahrenheit or Centigrade what a lovely way to burn.

It’s a snap-a-rific version of Fever.


3 responses to “Feel Good Friday – Fever

  1. Just last night this song was the topic of much discussion on Twitter. Comparing versions by Beyonce and Jon Bon Jovi. You’ve got the top shelf best one here. Ahh, Peggy Lee. Perfect.

  2. i want the hair… will take a pic to my hair magician next time i’m in and see if she can make me look like Peggy Lee…

  3. CB – Sorry I missed that discussion. I would have chimed in that no one tops Peggy for this tune.
    DF – The lady has style. Even if you don’t get coiffed like her, you can at least snap with attitude.

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