Elephant and Dog Create Friendship Bond

Just because I entitled  this post “Elephant and Dog Create Friendship Bond” during my pseudo-presidential week, don’t fall into the trap of believing that this post is about Republican elephants and Blue dog Democrats crossing the aisle and singing Kumbaya.

Instead its about an actual pachyderm/canine friendship at The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee.

Previously here at the Palace, we’ve linked to a 24-hour penguin camera at the Tennessee Aquarium

On The Elephant Sanctuary‘s Web site, they have an elephant camera that provides live footage of a field where the elephants roam.


4 responses to “Elephant and Dog Create Friendship Bond

  1. Aw. You know the posts about animals are my favorite ones. I’m just waiting for you to find a good guinea pig story.

  2. Scout – I’ll keep an eye out for something with those critters.

  3. and i cry…

    that is beautiful

  4. CJ – Wasn’t it a wonderful story. If animals that diverse can get along, why can’t people.

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