William McKinley’s Eyebrows

I was perusing the new White House web site and opted to take a gander at all 44 of our presidents in close-up form.

Amongst all the mutton chops, mustaches and beards, the facial hair that really drew my attention belonged to our 25th president.

What is up with William McKinley’s eyebrows?


9 responses to “William McKinley’s Eyebrows

  1. They’re owl-like, aren’t they?

  2. LWC – Absolutely! I just had to wonder if he groomed them to stand up and out like that (was that in style back then) or did he just not even realize they were the size of fruit bats?

  3. My Grandma has those same eyebrows! I wonder if I will get them in my old age?

  4. Aunt B. – I think a barrette or bobby pin might be useful to tame them if such a thing occurs.
    DF – I’m not even truly sure if they are part of his body or some creature (perhaps a lemur) that perched on his brow.

  5. I have a new goal in life. Grow me some McKinley eyebrows and strike a pose.

  6. CB – I’m not sure if Rogain can produce eyebrows like that. Those are a freak of nature, however, I have no doubt you can strike a pose.

  7. All 44, huh? Did you notice an eerie similarity between numbers 22 and 24? There are other photos of McKinley where he looks very vampirish. These were the styles of the time.

  8. Millard – true, Grover appears twice on the list, but he didn’t serve consecutive terms. I prefer his later picture which produces a lovely shot of his impressive ear hair. Now that’s stylish. Hmmm, a vampire President that lives forever. Wait a minute. Is this actually Millard Fillmore commenting? Is he the actual vampire President?
    Thanks for commenting and come back any time.

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