Green Blood

This is not a post about Dr. Spock’s green blood or the the man who bled green blood during surgery due to a condition known as sulfhaemoglobinaemia.

It is a post about going green on a monthly basis.

I’m talking to the women out there.

For all you dudes, here’s the link to ESPN. Go NOW! I beg you men to click away.

OK, now that we’ve run them off, check this out.

The Catherinette Chronicles ran across some reusable products for women to use during their menses. Even more optional products (the cup) came to light in the comments section of the post.

I know I was going on and on about recycling cigarette butts the other day, but I’m not doing this.
It’s 2009.
It is not Laura Ingalls Wilder’ Little House on the Prairie days. Sorry, this is not going to happen in my house.

Image: Halloween Museum

6 responses to “Green Blood

  1. yearrrrrgh! i had my endometrium fried. that’s my contribution – don’t have to recycle, because i don’t use them any longer! whew! this would have made me feel a little guilty… just a little…

  2. Menses? Oh that’s the club for all the smart people right?

  3. Whatever clever comment I was going to try to wing here would have had no chance of being funnier than LeBlanc’s. Brilliant!

  4. DF – Who knew you were going green when you went through all that? Yes, there is a little guilt, but I’ll get over it.
    LB – Menses is the plural form of Mensa. That’s a lot of smart folks.
    CB – I concur. LeBlanc nailed it.

  5. Menses? Oh that’s the club for all the smart people right?

    LeBlanc surely belongs to that club. I’ll be laughing for days.

  6. Crazy – LeBlanc definitely won the Internet with that comment.

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