Knitting With Cigarette Butts and Dog Hair aka Gee, Your Sweater Smells Funny

I am a non-smoker and it chaps my butt when I see cigarette butts lying about.

They’re gross and not going to decompose anytime soon.

They multiply faster than bunnies, it seems. There’s definitely a never-ending supply of them.

I finally ran across one way to recycle them – clean the filters and use the fibers in them to create yarn and knit.

Treehugger has the story about Chilean designer Alexandra Guerrero and her latest creations.

I figured since Aunt B. is planning on taking up spinning yarn and is a non-smoker this might not appeal to her.

However, I know she and Ms. Wigglebottom might be more interested in this option – Knitting With Dog Hair.

I’ve got some mutts who will be willing to contribute to a lovely scarf or cableknit sweater.

6 responses to “Knitting With Cigarette Butts and Dog Hair aka Gee, Your Sweater Smells Funny

  1. I am terrified of cigarette butt clothing for reasons that I can’t quite articulate. But bleh.

  2. As a smoker, I, too, hate seeing cigarette butts laying around, littering the ground. A bumper sticker that has stuck with me since seeing it reads “The World is Not Your Ashtray. Keep Your Butts in Your Car.”

    It is with complete honesty that I divulge that I used to be one of those smokers who flicked his butts out the car window. It was after seeing a presentation by a TDOT spokesman at a local Kiwanis meeting that I stopped doing it. He was talking about the surveying of land while southern leg of highway 840 was being constructed. From him I learned that over 75% of the trash they find in streams is composed of cigarette butts. I thought they decomposed, and over time I suppose they will.

    So, I was able to change the habit of flicking my butts. I now need the strength to kick the habit.

    Oh, and I’ve got plenty of dog hair, too.

  3. B. – I understand your fear and your bleh
    Dave – In the link to the cigarette butt clothing, it has some eye-opening data about the decomposition of butts.

  4. cigarette butts never decompose. Unfortunately, my father was one of the scientists who discovered how to treat cotton so it doesn’t rot. E.V.E.R.

  5. Jim – Ahhh, a legacy. So we can blame you for this in a roundabout way. Dang science. I’m pointing a finger now.

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