Happy Birthday Elvis

January 8 is a hip wiggling, lip curling, scarf flinging sort of day.

It’s Elvis’ birthday.

He would have been 74 today if he’d laid off the deep fried foods and slowed up on the pill popping

What’s your favorite Elvis song?

It’s so hard to choose, but I’m a bit partial to Blue Moon of Kentucky. I think it’s the simplicity of the whole thing. It was on the flip side of his big debut – That’s All Right Mama – on Sun Records. Of course Bill Monroe does a pretty fair non-rockabilly version of the tune as well.

If you want another video of the King singing about the moon, click here for his rendition of Blue Moon.


5 responses to “Happy Birthday Elvis

  1. Love Me Tender

  2. hound dog. oh and that one where people keep stepping on his shoes. I don’t wear shoes so i don’t have that problem, S.Q

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  4. o wow, kentucky rain. or suspicious minds. or a little less conversation.

    i’ll shut up now, you get the idea. LOVE HIM!

  5. Amber – LMT is such a beseeching open song. Can’t argue with that choice.
    Fevah – I do love the way his voice just rips through that first line of Hound Dog.
    Christina – Excellent choices. I’m with you, there are just way too many to narrow it down too much.

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