60-Foot Redneck Slip ‘n Slide

As a kid I was fortunate enough to be the owner of a Slip ‘n Slide and live in a house with a nice downhill grade in the backyard. Those two factors combined to allow a child to spend hours of the hot summer months drenched and giggling.

My youthful water fun was nothing compared to the engineering and ingenuity that three young men used to create a 60-foot slip-n-slide. The resulting ride starts at the apex of a home’s roof, involves a ramp and a 16-foot launch over grass into a kiddie wading pool as the ultimate destination. It’s all the mayhem of a Jackass episode with none of the broken bones or blood. After the 3:15 mark, it devolves into nighttime video shooting and just lots of more of the same.



3 responses to “60-Foot Redneck Slip ‘n Slide

  1. The intro says it all. 10 days?! Woo-Hoo!

  2. Badger – Never discount the ingenuity and recklessness of a bored young man.

  3. Welll….. I feel the need to get to work right away to top this feat.

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