My New Nature Boy Crush – Nick Baker

Move over Jeff Corwin.

There’s a new nature boy on the horizon – Nick Baker.

I realize I’m probably behind in finding him as his show has been on the Animal Planet network before, but I caught two hours of “Nick Baker’s Weird Creatures” this morning on the Science Channel and fell in TV love all over again.

Newscoma and I have always enjoyed Corwin’s sense of humor, his pop culture references and his sensitivity to the animals’ habitats and well-being. Unlike Brady Barr‘s proclivity to wrestle and subdue each and every creature he encounters, Corwin was as gentle as possible with the animals he introduced us to – all the while smiling and making me laugh.

Now Baker has a similar take on his show. I also enjoyed the fact that he looked for the exotic right here in North America. One of the two episodes I watched dealt with hellbenders, a giant member of the salamander family. Also known as devil dogs, this ugly swimmer can be found in the rushing streams of Appalachia but is in trouble in the waters of the Ozarks.

Baker does a good job of mixing the science with the curious facts, entertaining and informing at the same time.

I think I’ll tune in again.


4 responses to “My New Nature Boy Crush – Nick Baker

  1. Did you know Nick Baker is leading a tour to Costa Rica as part of a series of Natural History Museum Holidays?

  2. David, I hadn’t read nor heard about that tour. Thanks for the link. Sounds like a great trip.

  3. Gotta love Nick:) I remember him presenting the really wild show when I was younger, may have had the biggest crush on him! Don’t actually have a TV at the mo tho so haven’t seen his ‘weird creatures’:(

  4. Emma Louise, I’ve really enjoyed the episodes of Weird Creatures that I’ve caught. I haven’t seen any of the Really Wild Show though.

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