Stay Away Jack Frost

I have to admit I’m enjoying this mild weather we’re having here in West Tennessee at the start of 2009.

After the late freezes of December, it’s liberating to go out without a coat and gloves.

So Jack Frost, stay in Lake Stevens, Washington a few more days.

That’s where this photo of an anthropomorphic icicle was taken.

To read more about the legend of Jack Frost, visit the Daily Mail.

4 responses to “Stay Away Jack Frost

  1. Is that for real? You find the neatest stuff!

  2. Whoa….no freakin’ frackin’ way…. I’m actually having mixed emotions about this mild stuff. I like being able to go to the park and play basketball outside, but at the same time I want some snow to fall so I can try out my new sled.

  3. Amber (formerly known as HBT) – For some reason, I hope it’s real. Nature manifests itself in so many different forms. Isn’t it cool?
    Scout – I’m sure we’ll have some more of the white stuff, most likely right in the middle of the playoffs so it screws up everything.

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