Murderous Feel Good Friday – Mack the Knife

Is there a sunnier, more swinging song about murder than Mack the Knife?

I don’t think so. No matter how gloom and doom the storyline, you can’t help but snap your fingers, tap your toes and sing along.

Check out Bobby Darin live in Las Vegas (of course) and below that one a version sung in German by Lotte Lenye, wife of the song’s writer Kurt Weill, who helped compose The Threepenny Opera along with lyricist Bertholt Brecht.

Suddenly, I want to watch the movie “Cabaret”.

6 responses to “Murderous Feel Good Friday – Mack the Knife

  1. Reminds me of one of my all-time favorite “The Far Side” cartoons, in which we see an anthropomorphic fork, spoon and knife:

    “In the early days, living in their squalid apartment, all three shared dreams of success. In the end, however, Bob the Spoon and Ernie the Fork wound up in an old silverware drawer, and only Mack went on to fame and fortune.”

  2. John – I LOVE the Far Side. I think it turned me into the deviant I am today. Thanks for reminding me of it.

  3. Are you also a fan of Ute Lemper?

    There’s also a reeeeeeally interesting compilation disc called “Lost In The Stars” which has many different artists interpreting in many way the songs of Kurt Weill. Very very cool stuff.

  4. Heartbreaktown – I’m not familiar with that CD. I’ll have to track it down.

  5. odd movie trivia — Lotte Lenye played the switchblade-in-the-shoe Russian spy Rosa Kleb in “From Russia With Love”.

  6. Joe, one can never carry enough movie trivia around in their noggin. Thanks for adding to mine.

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