The Simpsons and Star Trek Themes Collide

It’s Bart Simpson vs Captain Kirk or Lisa Simpson meets Spock.

Using a Theremin, a funnel and a Rhodes piano, a combination of The Simpsons and the Star Trek theme songs has been mashed together.

It’s not quite Gwen Stefani and the Soggy Bottom Boys, but it is different.

And how often do you get to see a Theremin in action.

4 responses to “The Simpsons and Star Trek Themes Collide

  1. brilliant! reminds me of my favorite cure for ear worms – sing the words to “Gilligan’s Island” to the music of “Amazing Grace”. it works…

  2. DF – I’ve never heard of that earworm cure, but I’m thinking it might be a magical solution the next time I get Copacabana or some such song stuck in my noggin.

  3. I have an online acquaintance who is a United Methodist pastor in Georgia who is heavily into the theremin. I’m betting she may have seen this already, but I’ve sent her the link just in case.

  4. John, I hope she enjoys it. She may have already seen it. According to its spot on Youtube, the video has been around a couple of years and has been viewed alot.

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