Ancient Chinese Marijuana Found

Here’s a story for those of you vegging out after munching on Thanksgiving day leftovers.

The Toronto Star has a story about an ancient marijuana stash found near Turpan in northwestern China. The marijuana is believed to be 2,700 years old – the oldest ever found – and is believed to have been buried in the tomb of a shaman for medicinal or psychoactive purposes, not for clothing or food.

Here’s why squirrels shouldn’t Just Say No to dope.

8 responses to “Ancient Chinese Marijuana Found

  1. Interesting. Funny how people think they can come along after your dead and steal your stash.
    So these researcher Know that the stash was out there for the dead dudes after life and they just took it. So thee poor guy is left to spend the rest of eternity, without his bag of pot, all in the name of science. I wouldn’t want to be those guys, with a 2700 year old ghost that going cold turkey chasing me for a hit.
    ps love your blog S.Q

  2. Fevah, never harsh a ghost’s mellow.
    Talk about bad karma.
    Glad you like the blog.

  3. I find it amazing how these “scienticians” assume that because it happened a few thousand years ago, this revered man was anything but a drug lord.

    A “shaman”? Based on what? His apparent wealth?

    Let’s face it, he was a dealer who was buried with his “bling”, just as today’s ghetto pushers are. Probably got killed in a deal gone bad.

  4. PM – I’m guessing the archaeologists judged he was a shaman from other items that he was buried with. If he was a “dealer” getting people hooked on weed, why would they have buried it all with him?

  5. SQ – The same reason that our modern-day addicts don’t rip the gold teeth out of their dealers’ heads before burying them. Fear of retribution from the next guy in charge!

    Two pounds of marijuana is quite a bit, when all you can buy is a dime bag. But when you have whole plantations of it, tended by drug-addicted slave labor, not so much.

  6. y’know, if this story had come out when i was in college, i would be saying something like, ‘let’s go to china and smoke it.’

    yet another reason why i’ll never hold public office

  7. CJ – I’m sure when this story was released someone somewhere at some institute of higher learning uttered the exact same phrase. You are not alone.

  8. That’s awesome. I wonder if its still potent and smokable. Maybe its like the best shit ever!

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