The Knitted Dissected Frog

As Christmas and Black Friday approach, I know I’m beginning to try to think of the perfect gift to get for everyone important in my life.

I’ve come across one item that may not match anyone on my shopping list.

It’s a knitted, dissected frog available on Etsy.

I have documented my lack of crafty skills previously, however I do know crocheting and knitting are two different things, but I wonder if Aunt B has considered using her hooks to come up with something like this. She’s usually creating anatomically correct items.

How about amphibians?


4 responses to “The Knitted Dissected Frog

  1. Cool. Me likes.
    And it’s given me an idea of one thing I might add to my Christmas list. Since I actually asked a vet and found out that an armadillo would make a terrible pet, I think I want a knitted armadillo pillow. I’ll get busy looking up if there are such things.:)

  2. Simultaneously awesome and wrong.

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