Feel Good Friday – Knights of Cydonia

I’ve got a little sci-fi, spaghetti western combo for you on this Friday morning.

It’s Muse with Knights of Cydonia paying homage to everything from the Lone Ranger to Star Wars. Yes, it’s that song from Guitar Hero.

For more tunage and FGF vibes, visit Newscoma, Ginger, Ron, Jane Q., Monster Mash 40, Lady Jaye, LeBlanc, Sharon Cobb has two tunes and lots of others around the web.

Also, Sista Smiff and Holly, and Aunt B.



5 responses to “Feel Good Friday – Knights of Cydonia

  1. Awesome. Kung Fu, cowboys, laser guns and chicks plus the song rocks

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  3. This is a fabulous song but hard as heck to beat on the hard level of GH3. Yes, I am that GH3 playing nerd.

  4. Badger – This video does have it all. What’s not to love about the double snake style?
    LJ – You’re ahead of me. I’m just now starting the medium level. I’ve learned that my left pinkie is apparently not connected to my brain and therefore has a mind of its own. That’s the only explanation for why it won’t click down on those damn blue keys when I tell it to.

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