Bob’s Pickle Pops

We were out of milk and nearly out of bread so I hauled my puny butt to the grocery for a quick trip down the aisles.

While there I found a new treat for Newscoma today at the grocery.

The woman loves her some pickle juice and this new product is just the thing to whet her whistle.

Bob’s Pickle Pops.

The product originated in a roller rink in Texas. Don’t all the great foods come from roller rinks or carnivals?

You can freeze them like a popsicle or just drink the briney juice.

Coma gave an enthusiastic thumb’s up after ripping hers open and pouring it down her gullet.

On their web site there’s a video of how they make the pops. It’s from the Food Network’s show “Unwrapped.

I think we’ll be purchasing a few more of these treats in the coming days.



One response to “Bob’s Pickle Pops

  1. ‘We use the whole pickle”…. Oh. My.

    gotta get me some of that…

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