Honey Barbecue Bee Hive

I got an e-mail today that had the craziest tale and pics about a guy’s barbecue grill getting invaded by bees and how he handled it with a bug bomb.

I found the pics and narrative online.


With bees dying off, I’m sad that the BBQ owner opted for mass destruction instead of calling a bee keeper to take them away, but I don’t think he anticipated the size of the hive he was dealing with under his grill cover.

Too bad the bug bomb ruined all that honey.

For a history of the barbecue apron, click here.


11 responses to “Honey Barbecue Bee Hive

  1. Aomeone should call someone about this. I dont care if he didnt “anticipate” the size of the bee hive. He sould of checked before hand. Doesnt EVERYONE know that the bee’s are dying off? He killed a WHOLE COLONY… Makes me very upset and angry that people can be so stupid. He could of easily taken off the cover off the grill, then call animal control or something. Such a shame people are ignorant and have no sympathy towards animals that help OUR world and the way we live.

    • BeeLover,
      your post is bothering me because it is “should HAVE” and “could HAVE.” You don’t know proper English so how in the world can you call others ignorant?


  2. yeah, he could have uncovered it and then been stung to death. sorry bee lover. humans over creatures.

  3. I’m wondering if this is real or not…something tells me this might just be a fake.

  4. KEM, the picture of the squirrel barbecuing is fake, but if you click on the link and look at all the other pics of the bee invasion, personally I think it is real.

  5. I posted about this last month as well…
    It’s really sad that they had to die for some idiot’s personal amusement, or for any reason…

  6. There is an email circulating with a full set of pictures. What a shame that people are ignorant of bee culture. Those are honeybees, rapidly becoming endangered due to reasons not fully understood. A beekeeper, even an amature one. could have given a few puffs of smoke from his smoker and peeled the lovely combs right off with out distroying them or the bees. The bees would have been given a new home. The honey would not have been mature enough to eat but there is capped brood meaning the bees had been there for a few weeks. However, it is hard to blame the owner for freaking out, given the size of the swarm. If you see something like this, PLEASE, contact a bee keeper!

  7. Mixed feelings on this. I think the guy tended to want to be rid of these things….fear of bugs, etc. Me? I’m highly allergic to these stings; a few stings and I’m a goner. But I am aware that we are killing off these critters and we need them. Let’s think of that the next time we spread un-needed insecticides on our perfect lawns.

  8. Andrew and Masta P, I agree that seeing a hive like that would be freaky, but, barring an allergy, it would be more helpful long term to contact someone who could remove the bees instead of slaughtering them.

  9. Here is an article, interviewing the guy.

    *He didn’t know there were that many under there until after the bug-bomb… and says he would have definitely called the pros in if he had known.*

    “Barbecue beehive ‘bomber’ comes forward”

    please read the article…

  10. Ahh who cares bout a colony under a grill. it takes only 1200 bee stings to die instantly, anything less and you will be sick for a very long time (each stinger contains a poison). serves the things right for camping under a grill. If it was me I woulda turned on my propane, lighted it and shut the lid

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