Historically Dirty Jobs and Baldrick

I’ve spent the past couple of hours watching a show on the History International network about (drum roll please) The Worst Jobs in History.

Tony Robinson (Baldrick from the Blackadder series) is the host and he’s covered everything from wiping royal bums to the use of leeches in medicine and the fetching of those leeches.

Mike Rowe has nothing on these ancestors.

Here’s a bit of Baldrick from his Blackadder days totake you back to that time.



2 responses to “Historically Dirty Jobs and Baldrick

  1. Black Adder is one of my all time fave shows, especially the ones with Hugh Laurie.

  2. I do love me some Blackadder. Hugh Laurie was always a great addition to an episode as was Miranda Richardson’s Queenie.
    My favorite is the original series when Edmund isn’t quite as sharp as he was later.

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