Get Your Guitar Hero Online

I’m not a huge gamer, but I know I’m probably in the minority.

For those of you who can sneak it in at your desk at work (break out headphones), I present to you a link to an online version of Guitar Hero called Tube Rockers that uses your keyboard as the guitar.

There’s even a Family Guy tune among the list of songs you can strum or in this case click.

Rock on!!!



5 responses to “Get Your Guitar Hero Online

  1. went and played and ok, i have a whole new respect for the 14 year old step-son that plays guitar hero all day.

    i think i just developed severe carpal tunnel.

  2. CJ – The nieces have the real Guitar Hero game. I got through the easy level, but my left pinky refuses to cooperate at the medium level.

  3. This picture is epic on so many levels. Although its a squirrel, I thought of a hamster dance for some reason 🙂

  4. WR – Glad you liked the one-squirrel band.

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