Canadian Cousins – What’s Going On Up There?!?

I ran across this pic on the web site for The Record newspaper in Ontario Canada over the weekend.

What’s going on with my legion up there in the Great White North?

“But it’s a squirrel that’s turning heads these days. A black and white squirrel that looks as though it tangled with a skunk. Or a Holstein. Or Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians.”

It seems there’s a natural explanation for the color scheme.

According to the story, it’s piebald – a phenomenon that is more common in horses.

“Piebald applies to any animal displaying depigmented white fur.”

I prefer to think of it like Seinfeld’s black-and-white cookie.

We should all look to the cookie.


Squirrel Queen’s editorial note: I wrote this post on Monday but never hit the publish button so it was stuck in my drafts. So technically, this is my nablopomo post for 11/10/08.


2 responses to “Canadian Cousins – What’s Going On Up There?!?

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