Titans Still Undefeated At 9-0

It wasn’t easy but the Tennessee Titans improved to 9-0 in the 2008 season with a 21-14 win over the host Chicago Bears.

The Freak, Jevon Kearse, (who has the biggest hands I’ve ever had the chance to shake) showed off his team’s record by placing a piece of tape between the 9 and the 0 on his #90 Titans jersey on the sideline in the game’s waning moments.

The running game of LenDale White and Chris Johnson had a rough day against Da Bears defense, but the Titans’ offensive line gave Kerry Collins time to throw and the Tennessee defense made big plays when it needed to in order to win. Cortland Finnegan is a beast in the secondary.

We’ll see how long these Titans can keep it up. Hopefully for a good long while, but I would trade a loss now for a Super Bowl win later.

Image via ESPN



3 responses to “Titans Still Undefeated At 9-0

  1. I’ve decided the Titans are a chameleon team. They adapt well and do whatever it takes to win. They had the fewest rushing yards they’ve had in a game since the ’60’s and found success through the air when many doubted they could. I’m not counting on their staying undefeated, but I’m truly believing they are a team of destiny.

  2. Bo Scaife wishes he thought of that hyphen thing last week. 🙂

  3. Scout – Maybe that destiny thing will come through for them. 10 years after coming up a yard short, maybe they’ll go the whole distance again.
    CB – The Freak was pretty clever withh that tape placement, Scaife not so much.

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