Amazing Ball Balancing Dog

Maybe this dog was the inspiration for those Air Bud movies.

Sadly, Mabel isn’t nearly this skilled in soccer, but she does play a mean game of field hockey. Although she  objects a bit to the plaid skirts that are part of the uniform.

For another cool dog video, check out man’s best friends welcoming him home from war.

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3 responses to “Amazing Ball Balancing Dog

  1. If only my dog had this much focus…

  2. Dear Skwirrel Queen, We are two Maltese dogs and we would like to say we enjoyed the video very much however skwirrels we are not so sure about because they laugh at us from the trees and despite the fact that we chase them every single day of course we never catch them and they just continue to laugh at us from the trees. Also, sometimes they throw nuts at us. However, Two Paws Up for the fun dog video. Love, Your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy.

  3. JQP – My three hounds are mostly concentrating on what I’m eating.
    L&L – Yes, that sound you hear from above is my legion of squirrels laughing. Glad you stopped by and enjoyed the video.

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