Dogs Welcome Home Their Soldier

This is just such an awesome video.

It’s got one of my all-time favorite songs as a music bed and it involves pure warmth shared between a soldier returning home after 14 months in Iraq and the dogs who missed him while he was gone. Their interactions and reactions to each other just make me tear up every time I watch this video.

I love how the dogs are jealous of each other and try to scoot the other one out of the way when their master shares a little too much time with one or the other. I understand this as my Mabel can be one jealous canine lady.

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12 responses to “Dogs Welcome Home Their Soldier

  1. awww…. a good start to y morning! dogs rock. soldiers do, too!

  2. Thanks for the shout out. BTW, the squirrel photoshop you did of the squirrel coming out of the old-timey voting booth was quite a hit at work. Not just because of cute fluffy squirrel goodness, but because it reminded everyone of the old voting machines.

  3. DF – You’re so right. Dogs and Soldiers DO Rock.
    DB – Glad you enjoyed the pic. The first time my mom took me with her to vote when I was a kid, they used that type of machine.

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  5. this is beautiful!! i needed that, especially after the past several days. 🙂

  6. CJ – I could watch it over and over again.

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  8. Nothing like a warm welcome from a loving pet.

  9. Erin – As a dog owner, I feel the same way.

  10. Awesome post. I love dogs hehe.

  11. Doug, doesn’t that video just make you feel great?

  12. Svetlana K. Whisenhunt

    I just love dogs lol.

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