Otto the Unruly Octopus

Here at the Squirrel Queen’s palace, I’ve already documented how incredible the mimic octopus can be with its undersea camouflage and impersonations.

Now, I’ve come across another octopus tale that showcases how smart the eight-legged wonders can be.

It seems Otto, an octopus in an aquarium in Coburg, Germany, has kept the staff there on their toes in order to keep him entertained and out of mischief.

Otto was apparently bothered by a bright light shining into his aquarium and during the night was rising up onto the rim of its home in order to shoot a stream of water at the offending bulb. The water was short-circuiting the light and causing big electrical problems for the entire facility, endangering the aquatic life.

Staff at the aquarium spent three nights sleeping on the floor of Otto’s room before they caught the sea beast in the act of squirting and extinguishing the light.

Otto has also caused trouble for some hermit crabs with which he shares living space, apparently juggling them when bored.

For the full story, check out Otto’s tale at the Telegraph.

Image: zombie octopus at etsy


2 responses to “Otto the Unruly Octopus

  1. A water-squirting, hermit crab-juggling octopus? I want one!!!!:) I also still want that armadillo, but no one yet has delivered one…I’m waiting….

  2. Scout, don’t forget I sent you some armadillo gifs. Just click on those over and over until the real thing shows up.

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