Daily Archives: October 27, 2008

Giant Kitchen Skull

I’m not sure if they included the kitchen sink in this, but just about anything else you can think of from the kitchen was put together to make this giant shiny skull.

Indian artist Subodh Gupta presented his piece at the Frieze art fair in London.

Just a little something to break up the non-Halloween music of the last few posts as we begin the final countdown to All-Hallow’s Eve. Boo to you!

Via the Telegraph.

Amazing kd lang at the Ryman

I got to see kd lang perform at the Ryman the other night.

Incredible, moving, brilliant.

Believe it or not it was my first ever visit to the Ryman and what a way to experience the historical building – an angelic voice filling the room and someone I love sitting next to me – a perfect night.

I’ve been a fan of kd since her first album (yes I had “Angel With A Lariat” on vinyl) and her late night visits to Letterman’s set.

She performed lots of stuff from her new CD “Watershed”; you can hear a few of those tunes on her MySpace page.

She charmed her audience with a bit of banter and some “dance moves” and her banjo.

The showstopper was her version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”. The emotion conveyed by her powerful voice raised the Ryman roof and lifted her audience to its feet for an extended standing ovation once the rendition was finished. It moved me to tears.

This version isn’t from the Ryman, but it’s still an impressive showing from 2007.