Feel Good Friday – Big Rock Candy Mountain

What with all the economic woes of late and talks of another depression, I thought I’d perk us up with a little “ditty” about hobos.

Burl Ives sings about cigarette trees and bulldogs with rubber teeth and lemonade springs and the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

For more Feel Good Friday, visit Newscoma, Sharon Cobb, GoldnI has two offerings, Sista Smiff also has two she’s chosen for you, Hollywood Ron.


6 responses to “Feel Good Friday – Big Rock Candy Mountain

  1. I actully have the CD with The Big Rock Candy Mountain on it. I mentioned it in one of my writings somewhere… It brought back a good memory to hear it again. Thanks

    He was the voice behind many Christmas shows for the kids in 70’s & 80’s… Frosty the Snowman, etc.



  2. Shirley,
    Glad you enjoyed it. As someone born in the mid 60s, I too loved his Christmas songs. I’ll never forget the little animated version of Burl swooshing down the snowy mountain on an electric shaver.
    Or was that just a fever dream?

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  4. Here’s anudda version of that little ditty.

  5. That’s great! I haven’t heard this in years!

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