Giant Floating Heads

Nothing makes Newscoma and me laugh harder than giant floating heads.

So you know exactly how much I was pleased to find a list of the 10 Greatest Floating Heads of All Time on OMGLists.

They cover everything from the Great Oz to Frylock to Jambi.

Here’s a little video clip to put you in the mood before you get your meckalecka hiney in gear and “head” over to check out all 10.

4 responses to “Giant Floating Heads

  1. I’ve always been partial to Jimmy Stewart’s giant floating head in the Vertigo dream sequence.

  2. I just watched that video. That is nightmare material.

  3. JQP – I’m really surprised they didn’t add Jimmy’s enormous wall-eyed head to the list.
    JAG – I just wonder about the person who took the time to put that little video together.

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